Why my Jetson AGX orin is 816MHz

hello, nv experts:
I have a Jetson AGX orin, I found its GPU’s peak frequency is about 816MHz from jtop。
like this:

I found my orin only can set power mode to 50W, instead of 60W
I don’t know why the peak frequency is 816MHz, instead of 1.3GHz

furthermore, I run the devicequery, its result like this:

I found the GPU’s frequency is 1.3GHz, and memory’s frequency is 816MHz,
so, my question are:

  1. why I cannot set power mode to 60W ?
  2. how to understand the “816MHz” from the jtop ?
  3. how to check the GPU’s realtime frequency ?
    is there anyone would like to tell me the secreate?

Hi Shaquille,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

May I know what’s your power mode in use? Have you tried to run jetson_clocks?

It seems memory frequency.

Have you checked the reading in power GUI?

I’m using AGX orin development kit

my Jetpack version is 5.1.2, like this:

my power mode is MODE_50W, and I the power mode choice is:
MODE_10W, MODE_30W, and MODE_50W
and, I didn’t found MODE_60W.

I found the GPU’s peak frequency is still 816MHz after I running jetson_clocks, like this:

I’ve checked the power GUI in screen, the peak freq is also 816MHz

So, strange
I think there must be some setting for this, but, I cannot found this setting

You should share the dmesg too.

hi, WayneWWW:
thanks for your help,
dmesg_agx_orin.txt (125.5 KB)

my full dmesg is in the attatched file, check it please

is there anyone would like to help me?


Sorry for late reply. If you use maxN mode, will the GPU freq go up?

hi, WayneWWW:
what is “maxN mode”? where to config it?


sudo nvpmodel -m 0

thanks for your help, its peak freq has been reached 1.3GHz

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