Full details of NVENC H.264 preset encoder options

I’m seeking full, detailed documentation on all of the encoder options that the NVENC H.264 presets use. I’ve scoured Google for any sign of what encoder settings the NVENC H.264 presets use, and haven’t found much.

The closest I could find was in a GTC presentation from 2014 that included this breakdown:

However, this notably does not include the DEFAULT or BLURAY presets (plus things may have changed since 2014).

Thanks for your help.

Hi christiannrpdp

You can retrieve the encoder preset settings using NvEncGetEncodePresetConfig(…).

The NV_ENC_PRESET_CONFIG:: NV_ENC_CONFIG should hold the preset settings for the preset you are using.

Are you looking for any specific information, in that case do let us know!

Ryan Park

What means “Single frame VBV 2 PASS”? In the document there is a definition of “Single frame VBV”


However, if “2 pass” means two-passes encoding how it can match with the low-latency mode?

Generally speaking, i am confused.