Full functional EFI for boot different OS

Hi! I would like install Windows10 on ARM to Jetson Nano, but I can’t understand how install EFI to SD-card to start install from USB. I have Jetson nano devkit B01. How I can install full functional EFI to SD card?

Hi evgeniy.lukatsky,

The Win OS is not supported. Please download this SD card image and follow the steps at Getting Started with Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

I know this. And I use L4T. But I need full functional EFI for realise my idea (Build notebook with multiple discs eMMC, NVME, and SD)/ Also I would like port Windows to Jetson. It’s possible if I will have a full functional EFI.

Hi evgeniy.lukatsky,

There is no BIOS/UEFI for current Jetson embedded platform.

On a PC the BIOS/UEFI will set up clocks, memory timings, so on. Then this will produce a uniform interface for various bootloaders, e.g., GRUB2 or the Windows bootloader. Embedded systems completely lack this and basically have custom partitions for everything to set up for a bootloader which is itself custom to the hardware. Look at how many partitions exist on a Jetson, other than the rootfs, and you will basically see the result of not having a BIOS/UEFI.

You would have to create the equivalent of the PC’s CMOS BIOS/UEFI with a combination of hardware and software, and only then would you be able to present this to a Windows bootloader (or to GRUB2), at least without further effort.

I imagine there are embedded versions of Windows which do something similar (but I’ve never worked with those). However, I do not know if those releases have any ability to use U-Boot, fastboot, so on…the effort required to use a PC boot architecture or to custom build the entire boot environment would be extreme.