Full system hard lock/crash most likely due to graphics card | GTX 1080 | Fedora 37 & Pop_OS!

So I have been dealing with this bug for about a year now. Only recently I have decided to tackle the problem.

The crash is very simple. The system just locks up with zero responsiveness. Mouse/Keyboard inputs do not have an effect. Pressing the power button on the computer also does not have any effect. The only way I can get out of this state is to fully hold down the power button so that my system loses power instead of a clean shutdown which is not ideal. I also figured out that the kernel is unresponsive at the time of the crash as it was very hard to get any information from kernel logs. By some miracle I did manage to get one crash that did show some kind of data related to the crash. This data also leads me to believe that my graphics card is the main cause of the crash.

The timing of the crash is very much random. I could be idling and it would crash or I could be in the middle of a game and it would crash.

this crash is also not distro specific. I have experience this crash both on my pop_os install and my fedora install. and iirc I first experienced that crash almost a year ago.

here is the bug report log:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (104.4 KB)

I would like to post my kernel logs here but as I created this account recently It does not allow me to send two links in the same post. hopefully I can send it in the comments?

I hope this is enough information that could help diagnose the issue. If there is anything else I could provide please let me know. I have been trying to fix the issue myself but to no avail.

crash.txt (179.1 KB)

Here are the kernel logs during a crash. This one was the most verbose, out of all other crashes.

The crash dump rather looks like another symptom of the freeze, not the cause. Does a reisub work when it’s frozen? Also, you could try removing the nvidia gpu and use integrated graphics (if avalable) to test if this is caused by the gpu at all.

I am here with some updates. REISUB did not work during the freeze. this took a bit as the crash is basically random and also because I was away form home. the other thing I forgot to mention is that the crash never happens on windows, so it is linux specific. the only thing I didnt test was taking out my GPU and using the integrated one because I just got home.