GPU has fallen of the bus

Hello There,

after a recent update my Graphics Card seems to be crashing randomly. The display also does not wake up after it goes into powersave. I’m still able to ssh into my system and dmesg asks me to create a whose output i’ve attached. nvidia-bug-report.log (384.2 KB)

Running on linux 5.6.10
nvidia 440.82

Any hints on how to fix this?

XID 79 is most often caused by either overheating or insufficient power supply. please monitor gpu temperatures, check fans, check/replace psu.

Thanks for the quick reply. The system was working last week and is a dual boot with windows which runs fine (running GPU intensive programs). I really doubt this is a hardware issue. The problem occurs sporadically when editing text files. GPU temp was between 40-50 °C.

The gpu shuts itself down, it’s a safety measure. You can try a bios update but I doubt that’ll make it work.
Clocking is more aggressive with the Linux driver so while it still works with Windows, I suspect it will happen there also some time later.

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It did seem to be a hardware issue, unplugging the GPU from the power and replugging seems to have solved the problem for now at least. Not sure how to diagnose it further…