G-Sync compatibility with Vulkan

I tried XFCE and twm, same behaviour.

Ok, so it’s not the WM. Please remove all extra config files
Though those are not setting anything obviously wrong, it’s better to test with a clean slate.

I tried without those 3 files, same behavior except my screen refresh rate is at 60hz instead of 144hz.
I’m surprised that Xorg is capable of starting without any configuration (never tried before).

Starting without any config is the preferred method, the refresh rate can be set in KDE’s monitor manager.
Doesn’t matter, though, since the bug is still present.

Could someone at Nvidia take a look at this issue ?

Sorry for the slow reply.

The Kepler series of GPUs weren’t really designed to support G-SYNC, so the OpenGL driver has to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to make it work. The extra code needed to make it work on Kepler is not compatible with Vulkan, so Vulkan applications running on Kepler will not be able to use G-SYNC.

However, Vulkan applications should at least run without crashing, even if they can’t use G-SYNC. Unfortunately I don’t have a Kepler GPU at home to test with and the office is still closed due to COVID-19.

Thank you @aplattner.
Is it possible to support it in a future driver release ? (Maybe the extra code can be adapted to vulkan).
The main problem I have is that without a compositor activated, vulkan is not working at all (no frames displayed). But maybe it is directly linked to G-SYNC.

From https://www.nvidia.com/en-in/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/g-sync-hdr-requirements/ we can see that kepler officialy support G-SYNC. I understand it could not be really designed to support it.


Graphics Cards Supported: G-SYNC features require an NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 650 Ti BOOST GPU or higher.

Most recent games (and some old ones) require Vulkan to play on Linux.
Currently missing G-SYNC vulkan support for kepler family is really unfortunate.
@aplattner, do you think it is possible to do something to push it for a next release (if not too hard to code) ? (beta could be good for first delivery)