Cyberpunk 2077

HI, so everywhere i search i see the game work fine with an amd gpu so what i need to play the fucking game.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 is now playable ( requires an AMD GPU and Mesa git ).

Also how it hasn t be done before regarding it s litterally the most wanted game of the year


We need a driver that works with the game,
a valve dev told that we need VK_VALVE_mutable_descriptor_type extension

please nvidia release a driver that fixes the issues


Unfortunately they just considered the more relevant GPUs in their update…

any info on a potential update ? when willl they implement extensions on beta driver ?

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i was abble to launch the game trough steam. Just have to wait nvidia fixe their stupid driver for shader cache to work again and should be good. Also even if teh game launch they r is something wrong about graphic it doesn t feel right

So, is support fort VK_VALVE_mutable_descriptor_type being worked at all? Any official communication on the topic from Nvidia?

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Sadly not even that works for me. Crashes when pressing play in the CDPR Launcher. I hope Nvidia is working on a beta driver with fixes!

trys this config also i had update mesa to git and vkd3d to valve git. Also change steam-runtime to beta same for the soldier one

I thought mesa was only needed on systems with Radeon graphics card?!

im no expert but with nvidia closed source driver u need the linux-video who is open source and when i installe mesa i think it s install linux-video driver. Also my manjaro comme with it even if im on nvidia

Ok, thanks for the info. I think I’m already using latest mesa drivers, from but I dont’t know how to update vkd3d to valve git. Could you provide help please?

i dont know i just install the package that was availlable on aur. It could be working with the right proton if it s include in it but dont have all the knowledge how it s work so … can t tell u more than that

Ok, thanks nonetheless.

Well… still nothing with the 455.50.02 driver…

Guess its time to jump ship and go AMD. Atleast you are not 100% in the hands of whimsy companies that cba to implement stuff ppl want :)