G-SYNC question before purchasing a laptop

Hi I am obviously a new user and not so familiar with the details of how you programmed the driver for the chip, I am more a physically putting components type of guy. Anyway I hope I did not mess up the location for my topic too much.
Straight to the topic and I wait for a response from the Nvidia agents right now but i wait like 30 minutes. I was looking at a laptop at specialists and there I saw an option and this is how I learn about its existance of the latest resolution of 2880. Also I learned about G-sync.
I am an average gamer and want to put as less strain on my eyes as humanly possible and from what i see 2880 resolution is very clear. G sync might be needed also. However when I clicked to go further the website displayed that the monitor panel matte 3k isp led Widescreen 28801620 is not supported by the G Sync and it wont actually work and in order to do I will have to go with the lower resolution panel.
Now its tough decision to make when you can not upgrade the laptop and you you gonna sink lots of cash in it.
I would like an expert advice if the G Sync can me made to work on the specified panel by Nvidia or do we need to wait for the vendor to apply for a certificate from you. Is it wise to buy the monitor hoping that a driver will show up in the future if 2880 starts to be more and more popular? Or are there any monitors currently with this resolution that can support G Sync, naming at least one laptop with such?
Thank you in advance, Stan

If I can provide a link i wil if not you can check the model The 15.6" Octane II model on pcspecialists site preferably UK