G92 diagram Where can I find it?


Where can I find the G92 diagram (you know, showing MPs, SPs, VP etc.)?
I only found old diagrams, showing only 8 MPs (G92 has 16).

Is there any sort of technical docs repository somewhere in the NVidia website? I was not able to find it.



G92 does not have 16 SMs; it’s very similar to G80, with most of the changes coming from a process shrink and some texturing changes.

Here’s one for 8800GT, although G92 does have an eighth SM.

I Especially like the french text that comes with the article :)

G92 does have 16 Stream Multiprocessors, just as G80.

It’s even clearly stated in the CUDA Occupancy Calculator, and shows up in the picture you linked, too.

Maybe you’re confusing a SM with a TPC (G80 and G92 have 8 TPCs, and each TPC has two SMs).

Doh, you’re right, I always get those two mixed up–oops. Thanks for the correction.

In the meantime I’ve found a suitable diagram, thanks to Digit-Life.com :smile:

Maybe someone else could find it useful: it’s around mid-page, here


Here another