GeForce Software Licence


I hope this finds you well and healthy,

I am reaching out to ask for a clarification concerning the license for customer use of the Nvidia GeForce Software (Link: GeForce License):

" No Sublicensing or Distribution. Customer may not sell, rent, sublicense, distribute or transfer the SOFTWARE; or use the SOFTWARE for public performance or broadcast, or provide commercial hosting services with the SOFTWARE."

If I understand correctly, the license forbids data centers and owners/consumers from renting their GeForce GPUs (e.g. RTX) ?

We are building a cloud computing startup very similar to LeaderGPU (website), iRender (website), and many others, that provide computing infrastructures/servers for machine learning and deep learning purposes, based on Nvidia GeForce GPUs.

According to the official websites of LeaderGPU, they are renting GeForce RTX series and a member of the Nvidia Inception Program.

So I am really confused if Nvidia is allowing startups but not big tech cloud providers? and if as a startup or even a consumer, am I allowed to rent GeForce Software/Card for commercial use, like hosting services?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

You are right. We don’t allow Geforce usage in DC (except Blockchain). If customers do so they violate against the EULA.