End User License Agreement NVIDIA


During research for a project, our team came across the following question:

We are designing a password-cracking system for password audits and penetration tests for our end customers. We plan to install 4 to a maximum of 8 RTX 4090 graphics cards in a server along with other hardware components. This server case is intended to be placed in a server rack in a data center.

Our company is a private, commercial enterprise that is paid for conducting such specific password tests. The end user license agreement states that the operation of GeForce and Titan graphics cards in a data center is not permitted. However, our company does not operate a data center; we are merely housing the server case in a data center.

Can anyone help clarify whether this usage is legally allowed? This is for a fictional project within a university course. A general assessment would suffice, as the system is not likely to be built and is only being conceptualized for a final grade.

Thank you, Markus!

It should be pretty clear that your intention to use a server system with Geforce GPUs is exactly the use case that is not permitted. You would need to use ADA 6000 or L40S instead.