Get CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM while executing cudnnFusedOpsExecute()

I was trying out fused op on V100 and got CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM while executing cudnnFusedOpsExecute():

    Execute line: 43 cuDNN: CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM
    Execute line: 43 cuDNN: CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM

According to NVIDIA’s API reference,this indicates the type of cudnnFusedOps_t in the plan descriptor is unsupported.
However,i checked all my settings and they all met the demand.
I turned on CUDNN_LOGERR_DBG/CUDNN_LOGWARN_DBG/CUDNN_LOGINFO_DBG,but didn’t get any err info.

     CuDNN (v8400) function cudnnFusedOpsExecute() called:
     handle: type=cudnnHandle_t; streamId=(nil) (defaultStream);
     varPack: type=cudnnFusedOpsVariantParamPack_t:
         ops: type=cudnnFusedOps_t; val=CUDNN_FUSED_SCALE_BIAS_ACTIVATION_CONV_BNSTATS (0);
         xData: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e4a000000;
         bnEqScale: location=dev; addr=0x7fffd6751a18;
         bnEqBias: location=dev; addr=0x7fffd6751a20;
         wData: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c2e800;
         yData: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e3c000000;
         ySum: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c36800;
         ySqSum: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c36a00;
         workSpace: location=dev; addr=0x7f8e77c2dc00;
         workSpaceSizeInBytes: type=size_t; val=3072;
    Time: 2022-09-06T03:44:32.867190 (0d+0h+0m+27s since start)
    Process=277; Thread=277; GPU=0; Handle=0x559d77e33b60; StreamId=(nil) (defaultStream).

    CuDNN (v8400) function cudnnGetErrorString() called:
     status: type=int; val=3;
    Time: 2022-09-06T03:44:32.867207 (0d+0h+0m+27s since start)
    Process=277; Thread=277; GPU=NULL; Handle=NULL; StreamId=NULL.

I’m wondering is there any means that i can get useful debugging infomation?


I think you’re already using the available logging levels.

Please make sure, you’re using the api correctly, by referring to the requirements and reason for the CUDNN_STATUS_BAD_PARAM return value.

Are you facing the same issue on 8.5.0 as well?
If yes could you please share with us the minimal issue repro.

Thank you.

Here are my settings, I think i got them right.

I’m using cudnn 11.7,and this problem still exists.
Here’s my code
repro.tar (230 KB)

Hello,if there’s any progress on this problem,please let me know,thank you~