Get rid of the bot-like replies and stop closing topics

This forum could be a whole lot better if the bot-like nvidia moderator replies were canned and the topics weren’t marked as ‘closed’ after 14 days.

A useless moderator reply doesnt ‘solve’ any probem! Unsolved problems remain problems for other people and may be fixed and solved well down the line.

Take some hints from the stack exchange community forum pages. What are peoples thoughts on this?


Thanks for the feedback. Topics are closed after being marked solved after 14 days of time, this was 3 days back when we launched this forum. Two weeks should be adequate time for the OP to come back with any new questions. Only the original poster or the mod can mark a solution.

Closing topics keeps folks from posting in old conversations, and forces them to create a new topic. The bennefit here is that new topics have a better chance for getting a reply/answer.