AGGRAVATED with nVidia forum UI

Again and again. Since you log us out if we haven’t responded within the last 13 seconds, we get referred back to an older post in email, then when we try to respond, we are REQUIRED to login again and as soon as we do we are pushed back to the forum home page, with no obvious direct method of getting back to the post we were on. This requires us to search, search, and search some more reading each thread title, evaluating whether this is the post or not, rinse, repeat ad infinitum! STOP IT!


I see I’m not the only one. The issue is known and they are working on it.

@Skypuppy, I hear you loud and clear. I live and breath in this forum, and am aware of the problems. We are getting closer to moving to a new community platform. I don’t have a timeframe just yet, but please hang tight.


Since you live and breathe in here: when are we finally getting an updated statement regarding macOS Mojave / Catalina drivers?

This statement is simply false and outdated:

“Apple fully controls drivers for Mac OS. Unfortunately, NVIDIA currently cannot release a driver unless it is approved by Apple.”

Apple does not need to sign and therefore approve any drivers to make them work. You can do all the work on your own. The Metal 2 API and all the necessary hardware and software specifications are part of Apples Developer Program. Some crucial parts of the driver level of Catalina even have been made open source. Your team could release the current state of the drivers to the public and make beta tests without any saying from Apple - that’s what the Developer Betas of Catalina are for.

(And sorry for hijacking this thread - if you would actually read the other thread that’s exploding: or would allow comments on the thread above, I would’ve made my post there. But sadly, this issue is about to celebrate it’s first anniversary soon and there is no end in sight, but it’s about time.


I am just the community manager here in Devtalk. Any comments on drivers would have to come from someone above me.

I am sure you can understand.


But as a community manager, wouldn’t it have been your job to annoy every single human being above you that there is a thread with hundreds of people rioting because none of the people above you finally managed to give an updated (and valid) statement regarding the current situation? Hm? NOTHING has happened for months. But it’s about time!

I may be mistaken but I think Apple writes the Nvidia drivers for Mac OS because reasons… Unless something major has changed recently. You might consider asking on an apple forum.

Yes, the forum interface is so brilliant, that you have to click STOP button to avoid it to skip to another page.