Nvidia Web Driver For MAC OS for "Volta" Architecture

Hey everyone, I’m a graphics and publishing and art production professional, but I’m also a fan of Nvidia products.

A few years ago, Nvidia did not share something with Apple, and users were deprived of full support for Nvidia products. Full-fledged drivers were left to unlock the potential of accelerators, as well as constant compatibility problems between Apple and Nvidia products. In the end, professional video card users suffered, mainly because there is no question of gaming on the MAC, as a rule, this is a computer that runs on two operating systems MAC and Windows.

And here again on the 1st of June, something happened with certificates for Nvidia drivers for Mac, thousands of users turned on their computers and got a driver error and loss of acceleration - in fact, this turned all our expensive video adapters useless, since our preferences in the video adapter did not agree with Apple’s plans and Nvidia. Why should users feel uncomfortable if they chose the MAC operating system for their work environment?

I would like to contact the driver developers who, as support told me, are solving the problem of signatures for WEB drivers, please give us - your customers who have chosen Nvidia and MAC, the opportunity to work on these video cards, give full support for Nvidia products and please add a kext to the new drivers with a signature GV100,

I’m not asking for petitions, I’m asking you to give us what we had.


Thank you, ishpakmail,

You have expressed both our passion and concerns most eloquently.

Actually, it is already a very poor state of affairs that MAC users who want to be working with the performance benefit of nVidia GPUs cannot even update their OS past High Sierra, or else they would lose the ability to install nVidia’s WebDrivers.

Now, though, it seems even that last resort is taken from us.

I can only implore nVidia’s driver developers to please solve the problem, and perhaps even take it a step further and
issue WebDrivers that would also work with more recent MAC OS. (The audacity, yes? - but that’s customers for you!)

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