Macos 10.14 Driver update sometime soon?

the other topic became pure cancer filled with fans boys so any updates would be good devs

I’ve just had another talk with the live support at

The responses were the same: “We can’t say anything yet.” “Please head to the dev forums.” “Please sign up for the driver notifications newsletter”

But I asked the support rep to escalate this issue further and to have an official rep take another look into these forums to finally respond with an actual answer / release date estimate, rather than vague marketing blah.

I hope they give a real answer man

RE: NVIDIA Web Driver for Mac:

Things that need to be addressed in MacOS NVIDIA Web Driver:

1.) In Sierra and High Sierra, the Web Driver REVERSES how MacOS sees the physical PCI-e Slot Locations.

PCI-e Slot 1 is seen by MacOS as PCI-e Slot 2, AND PCI-e Slot 2 is seen as PCI-e Slot 1.

Now, on cMP Systems, (4,1’s Flashed to be seen as 5,1’s and “Real” 5,1’s), I’m NOT entirely sure if this is still true; BUT, this is prevalent in Hackintosh Systems! So, the “cure” is to switch physical locations of Primary and Secondary GPUs in the System. Further, in Hackintoshes, this also means going into the BIOS and changing PCI-e Video Boot Slot Order to PCI-e Slot 2.

2.) In regards to #1, IF cards are NOT physically switched, this has the effect of STRIPPING OpenCL and OpenGL from, (what should be), the Primary GPU!

I witnessed this myself on a MacVidCards’ NVIDIA GTX-1070 8GB Card where BOINC, (Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network(ed) Computing), App clearly shows in MacOS Sierra and High Sierra that OpenCL is MISSING from the GPU!

Further, in Blizzard’s App, when Launching a game, (let’s say StarCraft:Remastered), App responds with an IMMEDIATE Popup stating “Missing OpenGL”, AND “Install/Reinstall Web Driver”!

Once GPUs have been switched so that, (in my case the GTX-1070 8GB), the Primary GPU is in physical location PCI-e Slot 2, (and the BIOS has been properly modified for this), BOINC now shows that the Primary GPU HAS OpenCL and NO LONGER gives the Popups and INSTEAD allows StarCraft:Remastered to Launch and Play.

HOWEVER; NOW, the Secondary and Tertiary GPUs, (if ANY in the System), NOW ARE STRIPPED of OpenCL and OpenGL - in my case, my Secondary EVGA GTX-1050 2GB Card.

3.) In addition to all of the above, with CUDA Driver 410.130 Installed in High Sierra, IF a System ONLY has NVIDIA Cards in the System, (in my case, my Hackintosh noted above), when performing Number Crunching Operations of CUDA Type in BOINC the attached Monitor to the Primary GPU MUST be turned OFF! IF NOT, this results in MASSIVE Crunching Errors of “Best Pulse = 0” Errors!

On a cMP with MIXED GPUs, (One NVIDIA Card and One ATI Card), and the monitor is attached to the ATI/Non-NVIDIA Card - the monitor MUST be ON to properly and successfully perform CUDA Number Crunching Operations of CUDA Type! IF NOT, MASSIVE Crunching Errors of “Best Pulse = 0” Errors occur.

SEE: Conflict with MacOS 10.12 and 10.13 Web Drivers and SETI@Home Number Crunching.

THESE ISSUES MUST be addressed and properly resolved BEFORE releasing MacOS NVIDIA Web Drivers for MacOS Mojave!

With the above in mind, I too hope that SOON Mojave NVIDIA Drivers are released. I have signed the Petition.

Webdriver is for real macintosh, not for hackintosh.
Exactly, “Any driver of any kind would be more than enough at this point.”

Well, over the past month, I bought a Mac GTX-970 4GB GDDR5 VRAM Card for my Classic Mac Pro Mid-2010 5,1. (In addition to already having an EVGA GTX-1050 2GB GDDR5 VRAM Card.)

Just like in my Hackintosh, I found that I had to SWITCH Physical Locations of the GPUs to get the GTX-970 to reflect having OpenCL and OpenGL. I wanted the 970 as Primary GPU because it has more VRAM than the newer 1050 Card.

So, this CLEARLY effects REAL Macs as well. Also, noted in another Forum I frequent, is the use of E-GPUs! Apparently, this “Card Prioritization” effect of the NVIDIA Web Driver is reflected in E-GPUs as well, making the E-GPU take Priority and giving the last E-GPU connected OpenCL and OpenGL Support AND STRIPPING said support from any other NVIDIA Card connected to the System.

So, this effects EVERYONE!