- When will the Nvidia Web Drivers be released for macOS Mojave 10.14 -

Hello Nvidia Developers. Can someone please give me information or an update regarding the release of the Nvidia web driver for macOS Mojave 10.14? I am planing on upgrading 12 computers that have GTX 1080 GPU’s. I need this for my business. There are many features in Mojave that i would like to utilize. A time frame would be greatly appreciated.


This is so important to my workflow and business. thanks in advance Developers!

first Driver after a major release will take some time.

they will have to do a lot of work to get a good codebase. i think there are a lot of changes with Metal etc.

Some infos about the status will be very nice

Please tell us something.

Thanks a lot.

Adalberto from Italy

Yes please. Also waiting for it!


Im in a pretty similar situation as xtremepcgamer, an estimated release date would be appreciated.

I’d love to find a way to get notified when the drivers are released. It seems kind of painful to have to perform a Google search every day to find out of the drivers have been released. Is there an official place to sign up to get notified when Mojave drivers are released?

I’m on a Mac Pro 5.1 with a GTX 1080i card running the Adobe Creative Suite and a couple of other CUDA apps. On the side, I run Xplane, which I understand has a Metal development release in progress, but that’s not work related.

Hello, I cannot provide a date for the driver release but I will notify this thread if and when they are available.

Please stay tuned.
Thanks for your patience,


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Thanks Tom. We’ll be waiting!

@ThomasK@Nvidia Thank you for your input, anything will help and i assure you your reply and updates are welcomed with my full gratitude. I am sure everyone on the post is happy you are going to update us. Thank you Thomas K.

THANK YOU Nvidia for supporting Mac in general!. Completely destroying Apple’s bureaucratic proprietary everything BS. You guys are a great company by choosing not to beef and taking the higher road and releasing drivers regardless of the unfair stance taken by apple in recent years… I do also greatly look forward to these drivers being released. Hackintosh for 6+ years. Been running Nvidia most of it

I, too, am really happy to see Nvidia still release mac drivers. I look forward to the Mojave release so I can run the Octane renderer.


As far as developers are concerned, first Mojave beta was released in June this year, and that is not only to beta-test macOS itself, but to give plenty of time for third party developers to update their software. So, it has been more than 4 months now - it surely cannot be all that complicated for such a huge company as Nvidia is to make their drivers compatible with Metal2 APIs?

Anyway, subscribing to this topic :)

Please stay tuned for 6 or 9 weeks until I come again with another post

Thanks for your patience

My ow my are you optimistic. :) Replace weeks with months and probably you will be closer.

I am sure Nvidia did work during the Beta period. They just didn’t focus on the drivers for Mac as much. Now there’s the churning long wait for them to release new drivers and when they will be ready Mac OS 15.0 will be around the corner.

If you plan on using CUDA - go to Windows and PC, you’re on a safer path that way.

I don’t use CUDA, but I do need eGPU for Video and Photo editing. As such, I went for the lower HW with AMD and it works OOB smoother than Nvidia ever worked (even though they have better HW) — low quality drivers impact a lot.

I still have 2 more machines with Nvidia cards eGPUs and since I am having a good experience with AMD, I think I will be switching those as well and get rid of this embarrassing and I would dare say shameful way of delivery of tools for the green product.

Expensive cards collect dust or run on previous generation OS for more than half year. Something is wrong with this picture or probably it’s just me…

I feel the same.

Even I should thank that Nvidia still develop Mac Os drivers, I also regret they take so long releasing them. As said above, beta program of Mac os is to give time to developers adjust drivers and software to be ready on releaee date.

I’m also considering a swith to AMD on my next builds.

Just wondering how such a big company like Nvidia can’t do job faster with thier all engineers

Something is wrong ; 4 month is so long time and we should wait more
Cuda is important with 3D modeling they should solve this issue as soon as possible with Mojave

Note: Nvidia is working with Apple to get Mojave support.


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Following. My experience with NVIDIA has been excellent with my cMP and hope to continue it soon w/ Mojave…

Some kind of time frame would be nice. We talking days, weeks or months?