Why won’t Nvidia support Apple Metal?

Although people are caught up in this Apple vs Nvidia thing, isn’t the 10.14 driver debacle because 10.14 doesn’t use OpenGL for the OS, Nvidia doesn’t support the new required Metal, so Apple won’t approve drivers that don’t drive 10.14 efficiently?

Or is this because Apple is blocking Nvidia’s access to Metal?

Apple get no love from me, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this nonsense.

This is the one million dollar question. What I know is that Apple is working with AMD, Maxon, Redshift, Epic Games, Autodesk, Adobe, Octane, RED to bring support for Metal in their software. So even though Apple is really restrictive in their ecosystem something wrong must be doing Nvidia if Apple does not want to work with them … Right?

nvidia support metal , meaning metal version 1
what nvidia doesn’t support is the updated version of metal that is in mojave
also known or better known as metal 2

also apple decided to remove openCL ,OpenGL from mac os and go metal 2 only

microsoft have dx 12 but they still support dx11 , while proving support to dx11 and dx12 microsoft still supports openCL ,OpenGL and vulkan

apple is the one screwing things up
locking up everything with their freaking monopoly

can’t wait for tim cook to go away

But Apple IS a monopoly, it’s a closed system, it’s the whole point. Apple trades flexibility and backwards compatibility for less maintenance. Windows trades maintenance for more flexibility and backwards compatibility (I use both).

If you work with Apple, or use their products, it’s their way of the high way - it’s always been this way and everyone chooses the platform that’s best for them. No surprises here.

OK, so nobody is ‘blocking’ Nvidia. Nvidia don’t want to support Apple’s requirements - totally fair enough in my book. But own your decision. Not wanting to support Apple’s changes to its closed system, and inferring Apple is to blame is pathetic.

Nvidia need to step-up, state their case and defend their position. Is that really so hard?

nvidia supports metal version 1? Where? Now tell us it does in High Sierra when High Sierra uses Metal version 2.

You are blind my friend. You don’t want to see the forest. You post long annoying posts that don’t even say anything. I am so tired of your posts that I have to skip entire pages because of you.

nvidia drivers do not support metal. PERIOD. That is why there is a huge problem for all the people who wants to use Mojave with nvidia. The only NVIDIA GPU that support METAL ARE THOSE THAT USE APPLE’S DRIVERS. Go read something useful and stop believing in yourself because you clear think too much and read nothing else but your posts.

  1. Nvidia did not support 2000 series gpus in High Sierra.
  2. Nvidia did not write drivers for neither 900, 1000, 2000 series in Mojave.

And it’s Apple’s fault. Brilliant. Best XOR in the world ;P

Also read my previous post carefully. Apple is working with AMD, Maxon, Redshift, Epic Games, Adobe, Autodesk, Octane, RED to bring low level hardware GPU access to this software. Why isn’t working with nvidia? Ask yourself that!

Original poster here, it seems this tread is being hijacked by the odd loon.

From what I can tell, Apple changed the graphics requirements for 10.14, and Nvidia don’t support the change.

Nobody is blocking anyone, it’s just a business decision Nvidia made to not support Apple’s tech (which I get).

But Apple and Nvidia both say they’re working together on this right?

I get that Nvidia don’t want to spend time on Apple supported cards (small customer base) but they should step-up and admit it. Blaming Apple for not wanting to support Apple’s changes is nonsense. Apple want to advance their tech just as much as Nvidia wants to advance theirs, make your business decision and let us know so we can move on.

According to this image, not they are not working together. In Fact I would say that this image deteriorates the relationship of both companies because looks like Apple is working with all these companies to ditch CUDA. And if they somehow all this development goes to windows and linux nvidia will get hurt because we wont need nvidia graphic cards to use fast gpu renders.

But all this is my speculation. I just don’t know what is going on between both companies. But obviously after more than a year and no info does not look right. If they have and agreement and are working together sure they would appear in this picture. When I saw redshift, sidefx, foundry, autodesk and adobe it gave me confidence that I can use 3D stuff in macos with amd in the future.

About machine learning and IA I know nothing and not sure if there is hope to ditch cuda.

This image is related to the new mac pro 2019 keynote.

Yes good to know, I’m looking for 3d GPU rendering on Mac as well.

Thanks for the reply.

Metal is not directly a tech it is a application programming interface (API) build bij Apple, but by what is known every kepler/maxwell and newer nvidia chip should support it beause is like vulkan an api that is build up on an technology that already exsisted.

Metal combines functions similar to OpenGL and OpenCL under one API. witch means that its build up on Open CL tech that already is supported bij nvidia chips, it is the issue of the verry cloosed ecosystem from apple where nvidia think well screw this.

evvery 3rd party that makes something for apple software wise needs to be pre approved bij apple before it can be in the store or directly in the os.

and because drivers are low level and need to be incorporated in the OSes Hardware abstraction layer and kernel modules apple needs to apporove them and incorporate them

witch apple did not do for the mojave drivers nvidia send them, hopefully apple and nvidia work out a driver for catalina so all nvidia system that are supported by the update will have full acceleration and gpu support once again

Thanks for that info…

Yes, this was my suspicion, I like Apple’s closed system for work because what limited stuff Apple approves generally breaks less (I also use Windows for 3D).

I’m most interested in the reason why they weren’t approved.

Everyone (on twitter) assumes Apple did it to protect AMD maybe but Nvidia have proven themselves less than honest so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Nvidia just didn’t meet Apple’s requirements/deadlines/whatever.

Which is fair enough as each company can do what’s best for them but if that’s the case, just man-up and state your position - right?

While openCL and OpenGL was deprecated in Mojave, it is still available and will likely be for a few more macOS iterations, before it is completely removed. OpenGL and OpenCL maintain the deprecated status in macOS 10.15. There are no announcements beyond that AFAIK.