Compatible problem with MAC OS X MOJAVE 10.14 GPU Driver Version: 355.

Hello everyone.

I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

After installing the Mojave 10.14 my Graphics Card Driver become incompatible.
GPU Driver Version: 355.

I can not find a solution so far.

Any answer would be helpful.

Thanks a lot.

I’m faced with the same problem, but another graphics card (gtx 1060). Can I know please approximately date of Web driver update release ?

Thank you!

Same problem with my Imac 2013 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048 Mo

Please need compatible drivers for working…

hello. I have iMac (21.5_inch, Mid 2011) with Mac OS high Sierra 10.13.5wiyh AMD radeon HD 6750M 512 MB.
in my preferences, I install CUDA Driver Version: 396.64 and I have NVIDIA Driver Manager : NVIDIA Web Driver: 387. (up to date) but in after effect cc2018 I can not use the GPU option…
what can I do?

Hello everyone.

What I found so far but for High Sierra is the next links, I went back to High Sierra and with this you can still working on your Video Postproduction software even are not oficial drivers.

What it looks like is that Ndivia does not develops since sierra any more drives for mac. Or at lest is what I could found out till now.

If anyone find more answers please bring them on here.


There’s already a pinned thread about it. Everyone’s waiting. I really hope Nvidia has a resolution and timeline for this because our EGPU’s (1080TI’s, soon to be 2080TI’s) are useless in Mojave at the moment. We can’t use Octane render at all and we’ll need to downgrade to High Sierra just to use the drivers, which were already fairly old.

If anyone at Nvidia is reading this, are you still committed to Mac drivers, or should we just be selling up and switching to Windows workstations? It would be great to know where we stand, thanks.

I already talk with them about this and they are saying they will not develope more drivers for mac, actually since a while they do not do it. That was the official answer. And actually if you make a search of the drives they do not show MAC OS X system anymore even there are a few links to mac drivers but they are old, even the High Sierra they have are not working or at less on my machine.


I got the exact opposite information than you, dameloyaus. Mojave drivers are actively being developed and that we’ll just need to be patient. This was from an official rep. I wonder what the real deal is.

Hello S.Totton.
That sounds like a good news but sounds strange that the company give 2 different faces and actually when they make so much problems on High Sierra within the drivers.

Well keep us inform here if you have solution to it.


We need at least an ETA for the new webdrivers from Nvidia! If they at all care about Nvidia customers at all. :(

Yeah, or the three of us left doing real work on macOS will start to get cranky!

Raaaaage!! Has anyone got a simple answer yet? So frustrating.


How can I find out whether my graphics card is compatible or not?

I believe I have the same MacBook Retina Model and the same graphics card.

I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

I have been noticing all sorts of issues since installing Mohave (I was a few versions back before that). The worst of which: not waking up from sleep. Having to force-power down and power up again.
But also weird flickering and sometimes sustained periods of unresponsiveness.

Have the people who are “raging” read the following?

Legend mate thanks for the tip!

It would at least help were NVIDIA to simply have said - MONTHS AGO -that after _Mac OS 10.3.x, “The following cards __List of cards, will no longer be supported”. In this case High Sierra. Make that pubic that well in advance of the Mac OS MOJAVE release so people have the choice to decide how they wish to proceed. If people want to rage about that then fine, but at lest no guessing and being in limbo.

Information about feature support in upcoming versions of Apple’s operating system can only come from Apple. Apple controls the OS features. Apple controls the driver, per the statement in

If NVIDIA were made aware of changes ahead of the new macOS release, one should assume that they were bound by confidentiality agreement not to leak any information about them. As a supplier in the computer industry (or any industry, really), one does not get to spread information about one’s customers products in advance.

If people want to rage, they should bark up the correct tree :-)

Hi guys!
Has anybody had any luck with the driver? Thank you in advance…

Hi there

do you guys think, bootcamp is short time solution for full performance of my Mac?
MacBook Pro 15" late 2013
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

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