- When will the Nvidia Web Drivers be released for macOS Mojave 10.14 -

Good luck getting an answer.

Google this and you will see several people asking this and always the answer is: We will bring support for Pascal and Turing and we don’t know when yet. Developers are working on it… bla bla bla… stay tuned and thank you for your patience :)

Maybe they will be so kind as to lie to me and say next year and I can move on :)

The real question is why nvidia doesn’t want to put limit for waiting time or give us a specific time ; for example one month 3 month or " there’s no update at all for Mojave because our developer can’t code it "
From here everyone will know his Destiny

Apple’s recently released macOS 10.14 (Mojave) does not support CUDA. For CUDA developers who are on macOS 10.13, it is recommended to not upgrade to Mojave. Developers may not be able to use Xcode 10 to build GPU applications or run CUDA applications. Both macOS 10.13.6 and Xcode 9.4 support CUDA and work great with CUDA 10. NVIDIA is working with Apple to get Mojave to support CUDA.

I did update to Mojave then reverted to High Sierra just because of web driver isn’t released yet.
May be will shift to AMD if web driver isn’t released. -_-

Same here : )

Guys revert back to High Sierra ; I just found many apps and plugins are broken and does not work correctly; also rlm servers doesn’t work at all
I apologize for Nvidia for asking for web drivers ; I just removed Mojave forever it doesn’t worth its problems …
Who like Mojave dark mode then revert to Windows October update


“it doesn’t worth its problems .” - ?>

6-9 weeks? Are u crazy? Do u pretend that we stop working for 6-9 weeks?

I had to buy a new hard disk for downgrade

please Nvidia…

I read the note from 9/28 that Apple removed CUDA support in Mojave.

Is it me or does the relationship with nVidia and Apple seemed excessively strained? What’s odd is that if you polled Mac users, they would vote close to 9 to 1 in favor of using nVidia over AMD products. Yet is seems that Apple is not only ignoring nVidia, but actively making it harder to use nVidia products. Removing CUDA from Metal and Xcode and not allowing nVidia cards in external eGFX boxes seems almost punitive in measure.

Anyone else feel this way?

What’s the problem? Publish the source codes of your drivers and there will be people who will write the drivers themselves if your developers cannot. Meanwhile, I’m going to buy a new card, and most likely it will be AMD Vega. Of course, I understand everything - but I did not expect such a dirty trick from you. Good luck to you!

What dirty trick? Apple choose to remove CUDA from Metal, not nVidia.

I have been following this and waiting. some of these comments though. are you serious? Apple departed from CUDA not NVIDIA - the web drivers will be out and then we can all relax behind our external GPUs. Thank you THomasK for any reply as it was more of an update than most of us had heard.

Actually, Apple did depart from nVidia for a variety of reasons, mostly due to nVidia’s attempt to extract patent royalties that Apple had issues with. You can side with Apple or nVidia on that front although most seem to blame nVidia in this case.

Basically, it’s up to nVidia by itself to make drivers now. Apple is no longer involved. Getting information out of Apple though is a pain for developers. I know one piece of software that’s been waiting for over two (2) years for a final spec on the APFS drive format so that they can update their software and Apple still has not provided it.

So, blame can be on both sides here. Most Mac users would prefer to use nVidia, but AMD seems to work with Apple better and so AMD is the chosen one right now.

So ? :) No date ?? :(

Reading through all the topics and forums I think I understand how the release might happen.

1 - Nvidia needs to make new drivers for Mojave - that is something they might have done already or they are working on.
2 - Apple needs to allow CUDA development under Mojave - Nvidia is working with Apple to do this. It means that we will not see CUDA support until Apple releases a new OS update (10.14.1 is most likely not going to support it)
3 - Nvidia will not launch any drivers until they ALSO solve CUDA support with Apple.

So at this point, I think it’s safe to assume that in the best case scenario, the earliest time for the release should be when 10.14.2 comes out (in case Apple includes CUDA support in that release).
Most likely it should happen around 10.14.4 if I would take a wild guess.

I wonder if I understood correctly the situation - without the speculations I made.

I doubt Apple will ‘support’ CUDA. With Metal out, Apple is requiring the developers to do the work now. So nVidia will have to figure out how to make the drivers work with Metal, including adding CUDA support.

CUDA support has nothing to do with basic support of HW acceleration of the OS, Metal, Open GL, Open CL, etc. If it is true that Nivida is holding up development for support of the CUDA extensions and their CUDA rendering pipeline then that is a completely separate issue to graphics/display support. CUDA is just an API and toolset Nvidia developed to exploit more of their silicon in less traditional ways exposed by other APIs and toolsets [i.e. Vulkan, Open GL, Open CL, Metal, etc].
There is a reason why the CUDA support is exposed through separate extensions loaded on top of the WebDrivers. They could easily do a base web driver now, then accept they will have to modify and update them again later to support the hooks they need for how Apple allows them to exploit their CUDA ecosystem.
Saying the delay is due to Apple is just a fantasy. Either your GPUs are now so specialized they no longer support third-party APIs without being translated to your own CUDA, or you’re dragging your heels on this to get your way and just giving another reason for Apple to keep choosing AMD over Nvidia.
All I want is a stable, reliable, and serviceable hardware offering that works. It is fine to tell people to hold off upgrading if they leverage CUDA, but give the vast majority what they need to use your GPUs and eGPUs to drive more sales and remove some of the FUD this causes.

Waiting for official release. Thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to explain and clarify things.

Either way, I am moving all my systems to AMD, waiting for the GPU delivery and then I can return the Nvidia cards.
Some people said that stay on High Sierra - but slowly some apps receive updates which require Mojave to be installed.

I will keep one system with eGPU for Nvidia for about 1 more month and if nothing, I will move completely to AMD and not look back for a long time.
It’s been quite some time now and I really don’t enjoy this uncertainty and who’s to say how will the system behave when drivers are released. AMD is working OOB (I have one system running AMD Vega butter smooth).