NVDAGV100HalWeb.kext, any plan?

I read some successful experiment in Mac Pro 5.1 with Titan V.

But in Mac Book 2014 and 2013 with TB2 enclosure, more than 10 failures of various setting.

I guess NVIDIA deleted download link for the driver including “NVDAGV100HalWeb.kext” due to instability issues.

Can anybody tell it ‘will be supported’ at some point, or permanently deprecated?
It’s very important information for decide the future of my setup including Titan Vs.

Rumor of GPU driver 387. that included VOLTA support was pulled by NVIDIA at Apple’s request. This driver version does not “break” with each macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 update.

Any reference? I am desperately waiting it : )

Search for the driver. It’s been posted on several forums. It’s NOT compatible with CUDA 10.1 and you will need to downgrade. See NVIDIA’s own release notes for newest drivers.