Can't reply to issues after a couple of weeks

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It’s a frustrating feature to close a discussion entirely. Now I’m forced to create a new post with no context instead of continuing the relevant conversation and the participants of the original conversation are unlikely to be notified. Compared to Stack Exchange sites, these NVIDIA forums are terrible. This is a great way to ensure the community doesn’t participate in discussion. I can’t help someone with a solution to a problem they were having and am blocked from leaving a relevant answer in the appropriate thread/topic.

Hello @wyckster ,

Thanks for the feedback. We strive to make our forums the best possible. We have tested the closing of topics with with a longer timespan, but found too many folks were jumping into existing conversations with new issues. Fourteen days seemed to be the sweet spot, yet some topics may still need a longer open time. I can reopen a topic if you can please share the link to the topic that was closed?