Why do topics get silently deleted?

I’m beginning to notice that some valid topics posted in this subforum disappear without a trace.

What’s going on? Who deletes them and why?

A recent example.

birdie, thank you very much for your answer and your script!
Were you able to read my answer before the thread has been hidden?
Now I’m sending an mp with what I had answered you.

I do not know why the thread has been closed. Windows users have thousands of ways to profile the operation of the fans. I do not know why may have caused some problem talk about this.

The forum software has some automatic rules running to filter most of the SPAM.
It filters correctly most of the times, but if not, an admin or moderator needs to manually override the decisions.

All my post get silently deleted. I can view the posts in my account but they can not be found in the forum where they were posted. I complained to Nvidia support who advised to create a new account and re-post my issues with Nvidia drivers. Ok I’ve done that because I continue to have unresolved issues installing Nvidia drivers.

Could you please provide your previous login name?
I couldn’t find another user under your current registration e-mail.

Edit: Found it. Your posts should be visible again and you can use either account for posting.

One of the things that could be mentioned is that if another reader doesn’t like something you’ve written, they can use the report spam feature and the comment will be removed immediately.

I’ve had that happen to myself.