Getting databse manager extension to show up in code

I must be doing something silly and wrong.

I was hoping to play around with the database facility in a new extension. I created a new extension in “code” with a little bit of kicking it about.

But when I tried to actually import the python module into the sample python script (in VS Code) it wasn’t really showing up.

So, I went back into OV Code and looked at the extension manager, hoping to find that I simply hadn’t enabled the extension. However, when I search for “data” or “database” or “db” I don’t get a listing for the database manager extension at all. Which seemed odd.

I’ve checked what I think are the normal things. Like making sure it’s looking for “All” extensions.

To be sure, I then opened up “Create” and loaded the extension manager there. When I use “Create” I can see the database manager extension and can turn it on. But it still won’t show up in “Code.”

I’m a bit confused about this. Is there something I’m supposed to be doing in Code to better configure it to see extensions more broadly? Or am I misunderstanding what Code is and how it relates to Create somehow?

I had a similar issue with some of the extensions related to animation not being present in Code. Not presuming this is a similar case but here is my inquiry and the reply in case it helps.

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Thanks for the response. I think you’re right. I think I’m encountering the same thing.

I am hopeful this is just a situation where the initial beta was effectively “statically linked” to a set of extensions rather than left to be “dynamically linked” to the installed “system” extensions (Kit?). And more so, I’m hopeful that this isn’t the eventual design for Code, and is just an early beta release quirk.

I’m actually going to dive into the Code and Create app structure a bit more to see if that’s something I can discern better. Because I’m still concerned that I’m misunderstanding how the dependencies and links from extensions and apps are meant to work in this platform.

Since they’re looking for response and comment on Code, I think it’s worth trying to understand it at least…

Alright. Just a short follow up. Indeed, Code and Create are largely statically linked to a set of extensions that comes from kit at the time of deployment it seems. Which makes sense. Avoiding DLL hell (dynamically link library hell) for a deployed app through static linking is good practice. This is by design.

Which makes a lot of sense for Create. But initially seems strange for Code based on the way they demo it. But arguing that Code should dynamically link into the latest Kit instead of statically linking itself to remain stable, would be a wrong argument to make.

Ultimately, I think the problem here is that Code doesn’t make any sense right now.

You can enable the extensions for debugging and such in Create and turn Create into Code easily. Making it currently superfluous.

Code wants to have its own stage and be a hot-reloading runtime for a Coding project/workspace. But that makes little sense.

Why would the IDE be focused on being a runtime for the SDK/Kit at all? Shouldn’t it manage execute and debug runtimes of Kit apps and extensions? It’s fine for it to be built using Kit. It’s fine to accept Kit extensions to make room for development plugins. But why is it trying to also be the runtime for my current coding project?

Why would an IDE have a loaded stage? Shouldn’t it have a loaded coding workspace/configuration/solution/project instead? The stage belongs in whatever app or extension runtime you’d configure to run/deploy from that project.

I’ll stop here as I’m veering off topic. I’ll need to wait and see a version of Code that’s further along to be able to understand what NVidia intends here.

To the original query: It seems many useful extensions are not included in this version of Code. And this version of Code doesn’t really seem to contain much of a thesis on coding for Kit. I’m better off diving into documentation on coding for Kit right now. And coming back when a version of Code expresses a cohesive development configuration management thesis. Then I might actually have some useful feedback…