Getting Help with CUDA NVCC Compiler

Welcome to the CUDA NVCC Compiler forum.

If you have run into an issue, before filing a bug, we encourage developers to search the forum for prior mentions of issues that are similar and check for resolution. You may also post on the forum for support from first level moderators and fellow developers. This may be one of the fastest way to resolve the issues.

If you think the problem needs further evaluation please follow the link to file a bug.

For compiler specific issues provide the following additional information that will help us understand and find resolution to your problem better.


Relevant Area



NVIDIA GPU or System

CUDA Toolkit Version

Full compilation command line that produced the error

Error message with line numbers
Sample code if possible

nvcc --version

gcc --verson for Linux

MSVC version for windows

Enable “-v --keep” in nvcc and save all intermediate files and output files ,if privacy allows, send them as attachment to titled with the ticket ID you reported.

Other Details