Getting the Most Out of the NVIDIA A100 GPU with Multi-Instance GPU

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With the third-generation Tensor Core technology, NVIDIA recently unveiled A100 Tensor Core GPU that delivers unprecedented acceleration at every scale for AI, data analytics, and high-performance computing. Along with the great performance increase over prior generation GPUs comes another groundbreaking innovation, Multi-Instance GPU (MIG). With MIG, each A100 GPU can be partitioned up to seven…

I have followed all the instructions referred in the MIG Manual , however, when I run “sudo nvidia-smi mig -cgi 9,3g.20gb -C”, it turns out to be
Option “-C” is not recognized.
How should I solve this problem?
And without the “-C” option, though I can find the MIGs by “nvidia-smi mig -lgi”, but neither can I get it through “nvidia-smi” nor “ls -l /proc/driver/nvidia/capabilities/gpu1/mig/gi*”
What should I do with this problem?

Hi ryy19

Option “-C” is not recognized.

As mentioned in the software pre-requisites, are you running at least R450.80.02 as the driver version for A100? The “-C” option is only available starting with this driver version.

but neither can I get it through “nvidia-smi” nor “ls -l /proc/driver/nvidia/capabilities/gpu1/mig/gi*”

Can you please provide more information on what you’re not able to see? MIG devices once created can be accessed either through “nvidia-smi -L” or “nvidia-smi mig -lgi”