glmark2-2012.08 missing jpeglib.h for arm compilation including jetson tx2 board

Hi All,
I downloaded the glmark2-2012.08 and trying to build it.

When building for x86 versions, the package builds successfully in host PCs.

But when building the arm version on the jetson tx2 or cross compiling with the gcc-4.8.5-toolchain, I always get the error that jpeglib.h is missing.

I installed the libjpeg package in the jetson tx2 as suggested ‘sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev’.

Any pointers why this header is missing and what other package to install to have it?


There isn’t any Linux system distributed with development software for all of its libraries…at most you’ll get headers for kernel compile. You just have to “sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev” (embedded systems install even less by default than a desktop, but not many people develop with libjpeg even on a desktop, so all it would do is waste disk space…however, installing a package needing libjpeg-dev might also install this as a dependency when setting up other software builds, so something else you added on the PC may have added this).