GMSL2 for Zed X


I am making my own carrier board for Orin NX. I would like to implement a GMSL2 Deserializer such as the MAX9296A seen in this tutorial

I want it to support 2 Zed X cameras or basically any 2 GMSL2 cameras and use up all CSI lanes. This is not exactly the same situation as the example:

I am wondering should I send 2 CLK signals out of the available 4 since there will be 2 cameras or 1 will do fine since gmsl will synchronize itself? Also I guess I send 1 I2C to the deserializer?

Also I am kind of interested in the possibility of 4 GMSL2 cameras, but I find that there is no NVIDIA documentation for how to do this so I would rather stick to what I am sure should work (the MAX9296A).

I am very confused and am thinking of dropping the GMSL2 part all together and going ZED2i’s if I can’t figure this out, so any help or advice will be grandly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, maybe you can refer to this Orin camera design guide, or check with then vendors in Ecosystem for more info.

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