GMSL2 [MAX9296] without Camera

Dear Community and Nvidia experts,

I am developing a simple GMSL2 video input solution based on the Jetson Orin development kit, for injecting recorded camera data via FPGA based solution [MAX9295] without the camera.

The FPGA-based [MAX9295] board opens the video raw data file and will send it to the MAX9295 Serializer.

Could you please help me to run the Orin GMSL2 driver without a camera (ignoring the I2C imager ) to get the video stream from the MAX9296 Deserializer?

You can modify the IMX390 to remove the I2C transfer code to try.

Hi @ShaneCCC - Thank you for your response, I am just starting with Jetson Orin, could you please describe the modification in a bit more detail, specifically which file I need to modify?

imx390.c from the “/media/i2c” directory or do I need to modify “dts” and other components?

Yes modify the nv_imx390.c at …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/ also need device tree modification.
Have a check the programing guide for implement a sensor driver.

Thank you @ShaneCCC - thank you for your kind support and prompt response, let me try to modify the nv_imx390c and I guess I will need to compile the kernel as well.

As I understand, with the device tree modification, I only need to disable the camera manager and include imx390 dts to the main device tree right?

Right, disable plugin manager to use imx390 as camera in device tree.

Thank you, one last dumb question, what is the easy way to build the kernel to get the new “image” “nvgpu.ko” and “tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb” files, will “” do the job ?

Check below topic for sync the kernel source and to build the image …

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