Gnome-software error in syslog 900 times in 1 second


One of my units is producing the below error 900 times at exactly 6:51:56 every day

Any ideas what could cause it or where to start looking? Possibly an update failing?

Jun  4 06:51:56 jetson-00-04-4b-e5-8e-a1 gnome-software[8619]: json_object_has_member: assertion 'member_name != NULL' failed
Jun  4 06:51:56 jetson-00-04-4b-e5-8e-a1 gnome-software[8619]: g_strsplit: assertion 'string != NULL' failed
Jun  4 06:51:56 jetson-00-04-4b-e5-8e-a1 gnome-software[8619]: g_strv_length: assertion 'str_array != NULL' failed

It finishes with this error:
Jun 3 06:51:56 jetson-00-04-4b-e5-8e-a1 gnome-software[8619]: shell-extensions did not set error for gs_plugin_refresh

Many thanks

I know nothing about this, but did a web search. It is sort of a longshot, but do you have package “gnome-shell-extensions”? See:
dpkg -l | grep ''
sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions

I do find it interesting that this occurs at the same time every day, so I am thinking this is either a cron job at that time, or else something on a timer in the Gnome environment itself.

Hi linuxdev,

This message has appeared immediately below the list of errors today

Jun 9 06:51:56 jetson-00-04-4b-e5-8e-a1 PackageKit: get-updates transaction /334_adddbcbc from uid 1000 finished with success after 891ms

I only have remote access to the unit at the moment are there are risks in running the commands you posted?
I don’t want to cause any problems and stop it from working as I cannot go to the unit for a while

No CRON Jons are listed in the syslog at this time, the one preceding these messages is 26 minutes earlier.

many thanks

If the only thing done is to add package, then I would say there is “nearly” no risk. There is always some risk if you’ve not tested some particular install. Personally, if I were to run this command and it offers to install without changing other packages, then I would consider this “safe”. Still, I won’t say it is a guarantee.

If a lot of other packages must be installed or updated, then “safeness” goes down. It would just depend what those other packages are. An example of not safe would be if it were to update the Xorg server itself, or if it wanted to reconfigure something used in boot.

thanks for your help!

I will be curious to know if adding does the job.


finally managed to do this, sorry it took so long!

So far the errors have disappeared but I will monitor to see if they come back.

I do now have a lot of bluetooth and IRQ things in the syslog that were not there before

related to installing or unrelated? AGX doesnt have bluetooth so surprised those are there?

AGX1.txt (71.6 KB)

thanks Chris

I don’t know about those IRQ warnings, but those would be related to hardware drivers (not a result of anything could be related to). I am wondering if this system has some sort of custom install, especially device tree or carrier board customizations?

Just a standard AGX dev kit.

Has a custom deepstream app but that’s all, and only KVM and 2 ip camera encoders attached

I couldn’t tell you what is causing this. It might be a case of needing to remove applications one at a time (and putting them back) until the error message goes away.