Got errors with 2 things: nsys - ncu

nsys: when i use gg colab and write this → !nsys nvprof ./stream
→ I got error: /bin/bash: line 1: nsys: command not found

ncu: when I use ubuntu(20.04) and write this → ncu --set full -o stream ./stream
—> I got error: Command ‘ncu’ not found

how can I fix it

Do you have path of these tools set in the PATH environment variable? These tools are typically found at the path /usr/local/cuda-/bin.

I dont know why in my path /usr/local/ dont have cuda. But in /usr/local/bin has all these: ncu, npm, npm-check-updates,npx,nsys,nsys -ui

But i can use nsight-compute tool if i have ncu-rep file

and when I check nvcc -V: I still have cuda compiler driver

small update about first error: nsys about gg colab: i have upload nsight-system and install it in google colab and use these command about nsys fine but when turn off and turn on again it disappeared. How to save to when ever turn on again I dont need to install again. thks