GPIO output remains high when using UART RTS on Jetson AGX Xavier

I’ve configured pin 11 of the 40-pin header as an output (its special purpose function is RTS of UART1). When toggling the output low with gpioset, the voltage on the pin momentarily drops low (for roughly half a second), but then reverts high and remains that way. Here is my device-tree configuration for this pin:

hdr40-pin11 {
  nvidia,pins = "uart1_rts_pr4";
  nvidia,function = "rsvd1";
  nvidia,pull = <0>;
  nvidia,tristate = <0>;
  nvidia,enable-input = <0>;
  nvidia,lpdr = <0>;

I’m able to use pin 36 (UART1 CTS) as an input and can successfully read its values with gpioget. It would follow that I should be able to use RTS as an output. Is there something wrong with my configuration?

hello simblee,

Hardware Flow control is supported using RTS and CTS (hardware/software controlled),
RTS keeps high by default, please access Xavier TRM, you should check UART chapter in TRM for reference,

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