AGX, UART2_RTS pin configuration


I have a custom carrier board with Jetson AGX running JetPack 4.6.2

I am trying to configure pin G58 (GPIO3_PX.06) as an input. The pin is shared with UART2_RTS.

Pinmux has been updated to 0x0243d080 = 0x00000051. Reading back the register using devmem gives me the same result.

However when I measure the pin, it appears that it is driven high by the AGX. There is no external short. Is there a way to check if something in the AGX is driving this pin?

Any suggestions?

hello arbixa,

please access AGX Xavier Product Design Guide and check [Figure 13-7. Jetson AGX Xavier UART Connections].
this pin is by default routed on carrier board to UART-USB bridge.

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