GPS, Wifi, 4G modules


I got a couple of newbie questions.

  • What GPS, Wifi, 4G extensions would you recommend for Jetson Nano Developer Kit?
  • Will it withstand a transport application? i.e. put it in a truck/bus?

Thank you,

used usb stick?

thank you morob, I don’t mind how I connect those 3 to the board, it can be usb. I am interested if anybody already tried one and can recommend compatible

I test on the weekend a umts stick
gps should always go by usb
wifi via usb like nvidia says

May I know if anything is working in terms of GPS and wifi modules for jetson nano. There is lot of issues on compatibility of devices on Jetson Nano

Any luck with this?

we used usb gps and also wpio based ultimate gps from adafruit