Jetson nano and GPS

Im trying to use a GPS with my Jetson nano. It’s a serial communication Between the GPS and the nano. Im using minicom to see the data I receive From the GPS. When I look at the data im not able to see my position the data I get is just , , ,But when im using the same GPS with my host ubuntu pc it works and I can get my position when I look at the data in minicom but im not able to get the position when I use the GPS with the nano do you have any idea about what the issue could be

How does the host and GPIO connect? Is it a serial port? If serial, is it a USB serial adapter built into the GPS, or is it a separate adapter?

If this is based on USB, then on both host PC and Jetson, run “dmesg --follow”. Then observe what you see as the USB is plugged in. What shows up on both systems? On the host PC which works, what do you see from “lsmod” after the GPS is connected and working?