GPU Direct RDMA mode on Jetson Nano

I’ve got a JetsonNano Developer Kit. I’m going to work on the board PicoEVB in the mode GPU Direct.

I’ve read several articles:

The PicoEVB board is a double-sided M.2 device. Will it be necessary to put the second “M.2 key E” adapter?

Hi zire71, GPUDirect RDMA is only supported on Jetson AGX Xavier, as it features cache coherency between CPU/GPU.

Thank you for your reply!
Then I will try to work with PCIe in the DMA mode.
Do I have to use an M2 key E adapter for connection to PicoEVB?

Since the Nano devkit, like the Xavier devkit, has the M.2 slot seated underneath the Jetson module, it would likely also require an adapter or extender cable for double-sided M.2 modules.