GPU-Util is only 70% but FPS is not high


I use RTX 2080 GPU to run deepstream app(my own app based on DS 3.0 release), the resource used by app is:

  1. GPU-Util : 70%
  2. CPU : 40%
  3. GPU-temp : 70C
  4. GPU-Fan : 45%
  5. GPU power usage : 120W / 225W

Total 16 real-time 1080P streams go through my pipeline, I think the FPS should be 25 because the resource used by app is OK, but in fact the FPS is only about 20 and the video is not fluent.

So who can tell me why the gpu resource has some left but the FPS is not high, thanks!

anybody know if something else will affect the FPS although the GPU resource usage has some left ? Thanks!

I do not have rtx 2080 on hand, can yo refer to this, within documentation, Deepstream_tesla\DeepStream Tesla Development Guide/deepstream_performance.html, check part ‘performance’, it’s for p4, t4, p40, hope may give
you some lights.

Can you do one experiment, disable tiler, tracker algorithm set to IOU, disable all sink, try the number with
1080p stream, to see the number which can achieve 25fps, then the number should be max supported for deepstream app with rtx 2080 card.
you can refer this forum thread for T4,