Gpu vs. gr metrics

May I know what is the difference between the following two metrics?

gpu__cycles_active           # of cycles where GPU was active       
gr__cycles_active            # of cycles where GPU was active 

There are some other gr__ metrics too but the meaning of GR is not clear. Can someone explain that? Thanks.

The GPU is a collection of independent engines that include:

  • GR - graphics engine that manages the 3D, 2D, and compute pipeline. In the case of GA100 multi-instance GPU there would be multiple GR engines; in MIG mode the 3D pipeline is disabled.
  • CE - asynchronous copy engines
  • Display - display engine
  • NVDEC - video decoder engine
  • NVENC - video encoder engine

gpu__ is used for a metric when the metric is

  • independent of an individual engine
  • includes derived metrics that have an engine unit and a shared resources (e.g. gpu__compute_memory_access_throughput includes metrics from both SM, L1TEX, and LTS).

gr__ is used when the metric is specific to the graphics engine (3D pipe, compute pipe, of 2D pipe).

For metrics such as {unit}_cycles{active, elapsed, in_frame, in_region} the value for gr and gpu will likely be the same as the performance monitor used for these signals is in the same clock domain.

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