Green band on video

I’m playing an mp4 video on the jetson tx2. I used this cmd:

xdg-open a.mp4

The video plays, but there is a large green band that covers most of it, but not all. I can see action in the upper half (about 90% of the screen is covered).

The mp4 file seems to be fine. I can export it to my linux laptop and play it there. Looks good.

Any ideas why this is happening on the jetson tx2, and how to avoid it?


Not sure how xdg-open works. Probably it uses software decoder. We suggest use gstreamer. You can run

$ gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=file:///home/nvidia/video002.mp4 ! nvoverlaysink

Please refer to document for more examples:

DaneLLL, thanks for your input. Here is some info on xdg-open:

The problem was that the wrong video codec fourcc was being provided to this function in my code:
cv::VideoWriter::fourcc(‘M’, ‘J’, ‘P’, ‘G’)

The right fourcc is ‘avc1’, as in:
cv::VideoWriter::fourcc(‘a’, ‘v’, ‘c’, ‘1’)

now the video plays fine using the xdg-open command