GRID K2 on Hyper-V 2012 R2 with Windows 7 Enterprise Guest VMs - Please Help

Hello All,

I have inherited an infrastructure that I need some help understanding how to properly configure a Grid K2 card on.

Here is the synopsis of the setup:

HP DL380 Gen9
Dual E5-2630 v3 8core CPU
2x146GB 15K SAS Drives
4x300GB 15K SAS Drives
NVIDIA GRID K2 RAF PCIe GPU Kit (Graphics option) (Shows in device manger as 2 Physical GPUs)

 - Runs Windows 2012 R2 Standard
 - Is the Hyper-V host
 - Grid K2 Driver version installed
 - Both physical GPUs are enabled in Hyper-V Settings for RemoteFX usage

Guest VMs:
Windows 7 Enterprise Edition
Configurations for RemoteFX are in place
VMs show that RemoteFX Graphics Device - WDDM is the display adapter
There are 4 of these VMs, all configured identically and on this host

So, from what it looks like, the VMs are all setup and connecting to the GRID K2 card. The problem is that GPU horsepower and refresh are horrible! If I remote the RemoteFX adapted from each of the VMs in Hyper-V and reboot, the native RDP graphics virtual GPU and driver are significantly faster (although horrible for any fast motion or video, they’re still much faster than the RemoteFX).

Is there something that I am missing to get the host and/or VMs to take advantage of the K2s full horsepower?


Hi Jason

Have a look in Group Policy, one of the settings you need to have configured in your Windows VM for it to use the GPU is:

"Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Remote Session Environmentshow - Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions"

This thread may help you … Ignore the different GPU, but there are some settings here that will give you some options to investigate (also through a GPO):



Hi Ben

Thank you for the response. After investigating, that GPO is already enabled in the Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Hypervisor machine where the card is installed. This GPO setting doesn’t exist in the Windows 7 Enterprise VMs.

It almost seems like the VMs are all hitting 1 core on the card, if that makes sense. I know that the VMs are seeing the K2 card because RemoteFX is enabled and being utilized when I RDP into the VMs. I just dont see where the card’s resources are being utilized much.


Sorry, that’s my mistake. I misread your original post and thought you were doing an RDS deployment which is why I linked to that post, which obviously isn’t relevant in this deployment.

Have a quick read through here and see if there’s anything that can help: