RemoteFX - Quadro 4000 - Srv2012

Hello everybody,

I want to use RemoteFX on a Server 2012

I use a simple 1:1 replication on 2 identical Hosts.
64GB Ram 2 x200SSD, 5x 600GB SAS 15k, 3 Ware Raid1/ Raid5.

On my testing Environment everything works fine, so the basic Process is known and implemented.

But on my working Server it is not possible to get the GPU into the HyperV
On the Host are running 2 VMs (2012)

A Nvidia Quadro 4000 is recognized in the Device Manager, but the GPU cannot put in the Hypervisor. When I install the Drivers new, it is shown until restart but not accessible.

Virtualization Host is installed, Riser Card and Quadro 4000 are replaced for testing – no change.

BIOS is actual and all Virtualization Settings active on the S2600GZ Dual Board (2 CPU installed)

The for testing installed Nvidia Enterprise Manager shows activity in perfmon.

is done, and it should support everything.

Direct X 11 is supportet, WDDM 1.2 (Feature 11.0/10.1/10.0/9.3/9.2/9.1)
Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz
Intel64 Family 6 Model 45 Stepping 7, GenuineIntel
Microcode signature: 00000710
HTT * Hyperthreading enabled
HYPERVISOR * Hypervisor is present
VMX - Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization
SVM - Supports AMD hardware-assisted virtualization
X64 * Supports 64-bit mode

SMX - Supports Intel trusted execution