nVidea GeForce MX130 + HyperV + RemoteFX


I have searched and googled this but not had much luck.

I’ve got a new Laptop workstation (HP ProBook 440 G5 x360) which has 2 graphics chips:

  1. Intel ® UHD Graphics 620
  2. N~Videa GeForce MX130

I want to create some Hyper-V VM’s and give them as much graphical performance as I can. After enabling VTx and VTd in the BIOS and installing HyperV Manager, I went to HyperV Settings and notied I can’t enable RemoteFX for the Nvidea card, only for the Intel one…

Is there a reason for this? Anything I need to configure to enable this to work? Does this mean my VM’s wont be able to utilise my nVidea GFX chip? Do other Hypervisors support it (such as VMWare Workstation?)



we don’t support consumer hardware for Virtualization. BTW: the company is called Nvidia :)

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