Configuration suggestions for Dell VRTX / Q M4000 / WinServ2012R2

Hi gang -
I’m looking for suggestions on enabling a Remote FX GPU on my Dell.

Current setup:
M620 Poweredge
Quadro M4000 (alternate, Quadro P4000)
Win2012R2, utilizing Hyper-V
** Note - the M4000 is a new install; The device pass-through is recognized by the OS, but the Win driver has been an issue.

Attempt 1:
Installed driver & RTX DesktopManager (v472.98 & 202.21). The server will start but the driver errors. If I disable then re-enable the device, it will then start.
However 1) DXDIAG will not recognize the hardware; 2) RTX Desktop Manager reports it cannot run because it requires:
Windows 10 and above
NVIDIA display driver
Nvidia RTX / Quadro GPU
** Note - this results from installing 472.98-quadro-rtx-winserv-2012r2-64bit-international-whql.exe
** Note - Hyper-V does not recognize an available GPU to be assigned.
– This is telling me that, while the device is powered-up (verified via CMC & the cooling fan spinning up), the driver is not allowing the GPU to mount successfully.

Attempt 2:
Install clean via 453.10-quadro-winserv-2012r2-64bit-international-whql.exe
This driver results in system instability, ultimately requiring it be removed.

Attempt 3+:
Attempted alternate drivers, but so far the best (nonfunctional) result was with the 472.x (and have been removed).

Alternate path(s):
-Install WinServ2016
-Verify the device is not the problem by installing into another system, or, an alternate OS (currently WIP)

** Update -
Installed Quadro P4000.
Same result on the Win2012R2 install;
Win10 installed to a secondary blade, same results…
10, tested with driver 512.78 Win10 64-bit Quadro/RTX driver - the device can be configured but cannot be started unless it’s disabled & re-enabled.
RTX Desktop Manager still will not start due to the same failure message. Considering it’s a Win10 install, tells me that the driver and/or passthrough is the issue.

Hopefully anyone around here may have an idea, but it’s seeming to be more related to the hardware.

** Update - May20

After working through potential issues with a Dell tech, their suggestion was to upgrade to a Dell M630, or, to try a Grid 2K.

Despite the VRTX reporting the M4000 (and P4000) were ‘powered up’ - I did find that WinOS was reporting Error 43 (device failed to start due to power).

So - I rigged an external power supply to provide power to the GPU(s); Low and behold, the P4000 was able to start, be assigned by the OS, and register for use.
Additionally - I was also able to stuff in my GTX1080TI as well, with both being powered & registered together…

In the end, the issue appears to be related to the VRTX PCIE riser power being insufficient for either the M4000 or P4000 (not to mention anything with higher demands).
The drawback however, is that the VRTX interface is limited to 8x and not 16x.