Quadro M4000 on Server Dell R730


I am trying to install my quadro M4000 on my Dell R730 server in order to dedicate its GPU to a virtual machine.
My server is installed on windows server 2016. I installed the driver 461.40winserver-2016-2019. The card is recognized in the device manager but disabled by windows (error code 43). I have tested lots of older drivers, nothing works. My M4000 card works on a workstation on windows 10. A geforce 9600GT works on the server. Are my R730 Server, windows server 2016 and my M4000 compatible? Which driver should I install? Is error code 43 related to a driver problem? thank you in advance!

Hello merlin.pinet
Thank you for the post.
I will pass your inquiries on to the proper channels for review.
Thank you for your patience.

Moving this to the vGPU forum.