Gstreamer 1.16.2 Error gst_buffer_resize_range


I’m getting a critical gstreamer error gst_buffer_resize_range: assertion 'bufmax >= bufoffs + offset + size' failed
Is there anyway to fix this?

You can download gst-v4l2 source code and apply the patch in
Gstreamer udp decoding pipeline in Jetson TX2

and rebuild/replace


I changed
if (group->planes[i].bytesused > group->planes[i].data_offset) {
if (group->planes[i].bytesused >= group->planes[i].data_offset) {

and made (321KB) and copied it to/home/ubuntu/gst-1.16.2/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/gstreamer-1.0

but I’m still getting the same error, It looks like the bufferpool was already patched.

By default we validate the test cases with Gstreamer 1.14.5. We will check this once we plan to upgrade to newer version.