Gstreamer MPEG - TS UDP Multicast Video Stream


I am developing software which is recording and streaming video. I get frames via video capture card by 25 FPS and record it as a .mkv format. Then i try to stream recorded video via ethernet with UDP MPEG - TS layer. After that i opened this stream with VLC media player like “udp://@” and it showed 1 or 2 frame and that’s all.

My video streaming steps :

  • Create Demux and Remux pipeline. Demux is preparing video path and some settings about video. Then it gives these informations to Remux pipeline.
  • Remux pipeline get video datas from Demux. Then encode it with x264enc (or omx264enc). After that it streams the video with MPEG-TS layer over ethernet.

I captured streaming video. Although it has video datas, there was nothing displayed except gray screen.

Can someone help me?

We have verified RTSP in VLC player. FYI.

For UDP, other users may share experiences.