Gstreamer pipeline slow reading speed

Hello everyone,
I have a Jetson Orin AGX 32 GB device. I’m developing some high-performance applications on it like object detection inference on videos or video processing. Because of that, I’m using gstreamer however it synchronizes its reading speed with the frame rate of input video, 25 FPS in this case. When I use ffmpeg hence CPU decoding it reads as fast as it can do. So how can I force the gstreamer pipeline to read at the maximum frame rate? I’ve seen some deepstream applications that produce 100-200 FPS however eventually deepstream is using gstreamer so how can deepstream do this?

PS: I want to use nvv4l2decoder so that I can use the CPU for different purposes.
PS: I searched for this in the forum however couldn’t find any solution.

Try disabling sync :

... ! appsink sync=0
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It worked! Thanks!

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