Is it known already, is new GT300 chip family 55, 45 or 40 nm technology? There are many different rumors and ATI is taking big steps towards to less die size and 40 nm tech.


The rumours are that GT212 & GT218 are going to be 40 nm and released in Q2/Q3 (some of this might even have been confirmed). GT300 is for after that so that will very likely be 40 nm also.

What I understood is that both CPU & GPU skip a cycle in technology and are out of sync, GPU uses 55nm and 40 nm, CPU uses 45 and what comes after 40 (I believe 38/32???)

It’s all speculation, but at Beyond3D has reasonably technical speculation. This is the appropriate thread:

Skip to the end for the more recent theories, which involve quite radical dynamic warp ideas where threads get split and remerged on the fly to remove many divergence costs. That’s all wild speculation but very interesting.