GTX 1070 DisplayPort audio skips


Using a GTX 1070 8G on a S5520HC Intel server board with 2xX5650 and 24 Gb RAM with a Dell U2410 connected through Display Port I get audio skipping from the DP audio.

The sound quality it’s as expected, but i get random audio skips. Like the driver it’s shutting down and then coming back. It lasts only a fraction of a second. I disabled PCIe energy saving in Windows power settings and trying different settings at driver level I noticed that pressing on apply causes the same skipping effect. So it’s clearly something to do with the driver or the OS handling of the driver. It’s the first time I use audio from this video card so I do not know if it worked before or not. I also switched from the game ready driver to the studio one.

I also had Asus GPU tweak2 running in the background. Closing this Asus utility made the skipping occur less frequently.

I am now rebooting in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS…and check the condition there as well.

L.E.: Same issue on Ubuntu as well, but occurs less frequently than on Windows.

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone encountered such a behavior.

Thank you !

I switched to HDMI port and issue seems to be gone. So, something to do with DP, either on the monitor or on the video card. On DP the audio works flawless about 3-4 hours from the first cold start of the computer.

If someone has suggestions or ideas…:)