GTX 280 177.83 problem please help

Hello, recently I have installed the 177.83 driver for my GTX 280 which includes Physx. Everything has been all fine and dandy until I have noticed that my GPU is idling at a very high temperature. Before, I had 177.35 and my card would underclock to reduce Idle power and heat, now with the 177.83 drivers, it stays on the higher clocks that would only kick on during gaming.
I’m using:
Vista 32bit home premium
Evga SSC GTX 280

If anyone knows anyway to possibly fix this, I would be grateful!

This is not the answer, but rather a question for my own learning.

How do you check GPU clock rate?

Use evga precision in many apps or games and it will print onscreen your GPU temp and core/shader/mem FPS rates so you can see when it powers down. It also sends data to logitech G15 keybaords.

Thus is COD4 when I load a level I notice the GTX’s goto 300 core and 600 shaders in milliseconds when loading the next level and cool.

This also gives you manual control of your fans. so you can ALT tab and make fans work at 80-100% if you feel the cards are to hot.

EVGA precision works with 99% of nvidia GPUS from 8 series and up its a “idiot” proof version of riva tuner.

The best way in games to keep temps down is fan at over 70% and use Vysnc in game controls or NCP and limit the GTX’s to 60 FPS they have a habit of trying to produce 300 FPS in many games and getting hot!